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Mike Simon, Chairman

Dylan Jones, Vice chairman, chief observer and car co-ordinator

Bryan Davies, Group secretary and bike co-ordinator

John Rees, Treasurer

Elly Morgan, Minute secretary

Ralph Carpenter, Membership secretary

Tom Wilkinson, Website and complaints officer

Penelope Davies, Recruitment of young drivers (18-30 years old)

Our Group Observers


1) Dylan Jones, National Observer and Chief Group Observer
2) Gary Nunn, Local Observer

3) Penelope Davies, National Observer

4) Tom Wilkinson, National Observer

5) Colin Ross, National Observer

6) Carmello La Rosa, National Observer


1) Bryan Davies, National Observer and Group Bike Coordinator.
2) Mike Simon, National Observer.
3) John Rees, National Observer
4) John Priestley, National Observer.
5) Neil Barrett, National Observer
6) Kingsley Perryman, National Observer.
7) Elly Morgan, Local Observer.
8) Andrew Hurton, Local Observer.

9) Andrew Mabbutt, Local Observer.

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